Who The Fuck Is Dana Distortion?

My name is Dana Distortion and I’m a professional music fan. I spend most of my time listening to music, playing music, and taking photos of musicians. Live shows, festivals, portraits of musicians, anything involving a good distortion pedal.

I’ve also always been a big fashion enthusiast. I mean, music and fashion just go hand in hand—there is really no doubt about that. From Bowie to Jagger, Freddie Mercury to Stevie Nicks, the biggest and most lasting fashion trends have been born from rock and roll.

I​ ​want to share with you my love of music, photography, and fashion​ through​​​​ my​ ​new fashion brand, Distortion​ ​Unplugged.​ ​It's​ ​rock and roll you can wear.

My brand is all about the fun of being a super fan. I'm sharing the lyrics of my favorite songs, photos I’ve taken, set lists from my favorite shows, and my personal collection of photo passes—all made into wearable art, and printed on the best fabrics and materials I could find. I'm hoping that by wearing my clothes, you'll be able to connect with and provoke a knowing smile from other super fans.

Distortion Unplugged is ultimately a tribute to rock and roll. I hope people can find joy and inspiration wearing my designs. I did my best to make everything super affordable (so you guys can use any of your extra cash to buy a ticket to your next live concert!)

You can also view my photography and purchase all kind of fun stuff on here. This is really the place for all your rock'n'roll needs. 

See you in the first row, and cheers everybody!!

Dana Distortion